Air Miles 25th anniversary cruise


Airmiles is offering their customers a tropical cruise to celebrate its 25th Anniversary. They can purchase tickets at a lower price using their rewards points. We created a website for users to find out more information and book their tickets.

My role

As the UX Designer on this project, I participated in stakeholder meetings and design reviews. I was responsible for establishing the information architecture and navigation, for creating site-flows and wireframes. I performed user testing and recommended changes.

Business goal

Motivate collectors to book a tropical cruise by redeeming air miles or by using a combination of air miles and cash.

Bring awareness to some aspects of the Airmiles program.

User goals

Get information about the cruise.

Have a place where they can calculate their accumulated Airmiles and book the cruise.

Research methods

Competitive analysis

I researched:


We interviewed collectors who have been earning air miles for a long time, in order to gather qualitative data about their expectations for redeeming.

Online user research

I visited forums and online communities where users leave reviews, ask questions and discuss our product, to understand better what are our users pain points and expectations.


What are we building

Responsive website:

Design requirements


User flow with wireframes

I created a site flow to help stakeholders and team members visualize the website structure.

I organized the navigation links and together with the team decided on how to label them.


I divided the Pricing page into 3 sections - a pricing table, an interactive airmiles calculator and a third section with information split into tabs.

The challenge was to find a way to display the pricing table and the calculator on mobile.


Mobile home screen and navigation

Usability testing

I performed guerrilla usability testing with people in the building.

The tasks

  1. Find the price for a oceanview stateroom for two persons
  2. Sign up for an account

Web analytics